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Park Place Technologies的环保项目, Social and Governance (ESG) success is measured by what we do and how we do it.

ESG results are increasingly a measure of a company’s performance. 环境管理是应对气候影响所必需的一块拼图,现在正在立法. 社交参与是招聘的关键, developing and retaining the people who set us above our industry peers. Proper governance is synonymous with quality leadership and risk reduction, 是什么让公园广场表现出色, 为员工提供一个稳定的平台, 也是客户值得信赖的合作伙伴.

Park Place Technologies - Curvature e-waste infographic 2021我们的业务-客户可持续发展

自1991年成立以来, Park Place has worked to help our 客户 extend the life of data center computer equipment. 从那天起, the scope and scale of data centers has exploded, with Park Place growing in step with our 客户, 继续提供数据中心硬件维护CQ9电子,并通过网络和硬件监控和分类CQ9电子扩展支持. 我们的影响一直是延长电脑设备的使用寿命,现在平均三年跨越1年以上.100万硬件资产.

In 2020, Park Place acquired the Curvature hardware resale business. 曲率为我们的客户提供了从二手市场增加和更换设备的资源. In 2021, individual equipment sales by Curvature exceeded 450,000个单位, with each individual unit sale saving manufacturing and equipment disposal impacts, 估计有950人,000磅, 关于我们的环境.

公园广场继续创新, 开发免费的解决方案,以配合我们的硬件维护和二手硬件销售. 侨福硬件监控, 以我们的首次修复™保证为基础, pinpoints break-fix needs and allows us to resolve customer issues in one trip. 派克广场的数据中心效率解决方案, 包括企业网络监控, ParkView Discovery and managed services support, negate excess redundancies in equipment and premature refresh of IT systems, meaning that customer equipment is utilized to its maximum potential for its maximum life.

Every Park Place employee believes we are a company that has met its moment. We have the opportunity to make a positive difference with each service and equipment sale, enabling our 客户 and communities to conduct their business more sustainably.


在公园广场, 我们相信,我们有责任以CQ9电子所有主要利益相关者的方式,成为商业行为的榜样. 我们的员工期望如此. 这意味着我们转向内部,使环境管理成为公园广场的日常活动, 我们为个人创造机会,让他们在一个相互尊重的环境中发展事业,养活自己和家人. It means that we conduct business in a manner with legal compliance, public policies and the ethics and values of the populations with whom we work as the standard. It also means that we preemptively negate risks, such as data breach and cybersecurity risks.

我们已召集董事会成员, 我们在全球的高层领导和员工都参与到我们的ESG计划中来,并采取日常措施,为我们的工作场所和员工体验带来可衡量的改善, 我们的社区, 以及我们的环境. 这些努力有着共同的主题. They are deliberate, forward looking and impactful. We hold ourselves accountable for progress and work to measure the impact of each effort. 我们希望通过以身作则,产生积极的影响,并使企业责任蔓延开来.


Park Place has long worked to establish a global baseline of fair compensation, 丰厚的福利, 平等的机会, 一个包容的环境. 我们定期完成第三方薪酬和全球福利评估,并开展年度员工评估和年度敬业度调查. We are an intentional 平等的机会 employer, 赞助业务资源组, DEI项目, “维,” and have multiple employee communication opportunities, 包括每日内网站点, 领导力“市政厅”, 和播客. These are in addition to our online employee learning platform, 有超过450个活动课程, many part of specially designed developmental curricula. 我们还通过年度利润分享计划,将公司的成功与员工的成功等同起来, 实施了十多年.

Park Place has a history of community outreach. 在全球层面上, 我们与I Wish合作, 这是一家总部位于爱尔兰的组织,致力于向女中学生展示STEM的力量. Most recently, we co-hosted more than 22,000 girls from 26 countries at the I Wish annual event. 一个社区一个社区, we help Girl Scouts earn cybersecurity badges in Ohio; support campers in Massachusetts with scholarships to Worcester Polytechnic Institute; lend our hands to England’s Future Frontiers, and locally in our headquarters community with Breakthrough Schools and other school programs, to foster educational equality through mentoring and support; promote annual philanthropic giving to numerous community and child-focused programs; and donate laptops to schools and charitable organizations, 为学生提供编程机会.

Our company culture is one of relentless innovation, 所以下一个问题是, “我们还能做什么呢?“我们的团队正在着手实施其他举措,我们相信这些举措将改变公园广场的游戏规则,并为加入我们组织的个人提供机会. 这些包括:

人物星形图标事业群 -我们的员工有才能, motivation and motor to serve as leaders at Park Place, so we have built a multi-faceted program to provide hands-on, 在深度上, 跨职能的教学和支持,以明确的目标推动每个项目参与者在他们的职业道路上走两步或更多步,并成为关键的领导角色.


经验丰富的图标老兵招聘计划 – we are taking steps to become a destination employer for Veterans. 我们在整个公司都有机会,对于这个职位来说,最主要的条件是有精力和承诺去学习和成功. Our recruiting actively targets the Veteran community. We have created a business resource group specifically for our Veterans, one of the most active employee affinity teams at Park Place.


neurodivergent图标NEURODIVERSE/AUTISM INTENTIONAL HIRING INITIATIVE ——仍处于探索阶段, Park Place的这一举措旨在成为我们行业中第一个关注神经多样性人群的独特才能,并创造一个工作环境,通过为以下人员提供工作和职业机会来吸引顶尖人才, absent an intentional program with the right supports, 可能被忽视.



在我们的组织中,公园广场的环境管理是用一个常见的短语来描述的, “无数的小事.“这说明了公司和我们的员工每天都在做什么,以及我们明年和以后的计划.

柏苑的专业CQ9电子ITAD团队拆卸所有客户的IT系统,并按照电气和电子设备废物(WEEE)标准进行文件处理. Curvature Hardware maintains its R2 (Responsible Recycling) Certification, which is the standard for best practices for electronics recycling.

A walk through any of our offices reveals individual and common-space recycling bins, 节能照明, 还有动作激活开关. Our service locations are the hub of our electronics recycling programs and scrap management. 在我们的停车场, 41% of our employees have access to electric vehicle charging stations, 大部分资金来自公园广场, 计划在2023年扩张.

目前正在计划在2023年增加太阳能电池板,为我们的一个或多个主要地点提供电力. 除了这种替代能源, 公园广场跟踪全球能源消耗,并设定了2023年能源消耗减少10%的目标.

在上面的基础上, Park Place is exploring carbon net-neutral programs and certifications, 怀着期望,我们的努力至今, combined with the commitment of our leadership and each of our employees, will allow us to hit this target within the next 3-to-5 years.


在公园广场, 治理被视为我们的董事会和高级领导人如何指导组织满足优先事项, 管理风险, preserve reputation and honor company ethics and values. The governance arm of our ESG program oversees value-based, 可衡量的, 跟踪和报告将商业行为和公司利益相关者的集体利益结合起来的绩效标准.

Our governance mandate includes legal compliance, examples being our data privacy compliance program; antibribery/anticorruption policies; training and monitoring; and our export and import compliance controls. It also includes Park Place risk-management programs, 例如我们的业务连续性计划, 员工热线, 员工网络安全培训, 已发布的策略库, and supplier vetting protocols and code of conduct. 公园广场已经采取了与顶级行业标准保持一致的额外步骤,并获得了ISO 9001 EMEA质量管理体系, 全球ISO 27001信息系统管理和托管CQ9电子SOC2数据安全认证.

我们的董事会, 管理人员和高级领导对组织的商业成功负责, 进一步承诺以透明和诚实的方式向员工传达公司业绩,并授权员工为组织的成功做出贡献. In addition to profit-sharing, Park Place has an expansive equity participation program. Quarterly executive-led company-wide townhalls supplement our daily intranet, “WIRED”. 年度员工敬业度调查包括管理层跟进和向组织最高层报告.


Park Place’s ESG initiative is a continuous improvement mandate. We take pride in the work we have accomplished to date and the company we are, 我们期待着让我们的利益相关者感到惊讶,并在明年及以后继续为我们的企业同行树立榜样.