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Network Flow Analyzer

Detailed network flow analysis details of your network traffic, so you can deliver continuous availability for critical applications.

Understand your network traffic

Entuity™ completes your network visibility and shows who’s talking to whom, for how long, at what intervals, using which 协议 and 港口, and how much data is exchanged. With a top-down flow perspective that can easily scale to any network size, the flow monitoring helps you reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) and Mean Time to Restore Service (MTRS) across your 客户’ networks and your own.

Plan for future growth with insight into the 接口 that see the most and least traffic. Through our flexible and customizable dashboard-centric UI, Entuity’s network traffic flow analysis tool presents both element- and flow-based perspectives in context to one another.

What can you identify with network flow collection?

  • Identify Network Congestion
  • Identify High Bandwidth Application Consumption
  • Identify Destinations of your Network Traffic
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Recognized as a G2 Network Management Leader

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How Entuity Compares to Other Network Flow Monitoring Platforms

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Stop fighting your Network Traffic

  • Provide bandwidth for critical business applications​

    Observe traffic patterns over time in increments as precise as 1 minute so you can see exactly which traffic classes and 协议 are suffering from bandwidth starvation. Keep an eye on which end users are causing bottlenecks or which traffic types are most resource-hungry and likely to contribute to network congestion so that you can act appropriately to keep crucial business services up. Look to the future with confidence by determining bandwidth patterns to facilitate more accurate capacity planning.

  • Monitor traffic between subnets and cloud applications

    As cloud computing grows, you have greater need to understand the cumulative effects of a mass of workstations in specific locations (e.g. offices, departments, subnets) that communicate with applications on public and private cloud. IFAP gives you immediate access to traffic patterns and historic trends for specific subsets of traffic, so you can see where the network is meeting availability and performance requirements.

  • Gauge network impacts on business services

    Networks are increasingly distributed, with a huge number of endpoints. You need to know where your traffic is coming from, and where it’s going. Use network flow monitoring software to understand which business services are supported by which links in the network. Keeping tabs on where your traffic is allows you to prioritize allocation of resources for precise troubleshooting and proactive management.

    Expansive networks are also more difficult to defend from outside attacks. IFAP can help you detect potential denial of service attacks by identifying abnormal network traffic behavior within your network. Networks are holistic systems – when one part faces an issue, there will be repercussions elsewhere. Entuity Software allows you to easily keep an eye on how the network affects traffic flow and vice versa.

  • Configuration Made Easy

    You have complete control over the collection of flow data, and we’ve consolidated flow configuration and management into a simple process that reflects the flexible and accessible nature of Entuity. It’s easy to enable or disable flow collection through the Flow Inventory page, from specific flow dashlets, or the Context Menu of the selected 设备. Manage all network flow collection from the Flow Inventory page, providing you with a summary of all 设备s configured for flow and insight into the flow data on all 港口 for configured 设备s.

    Assign as many flow collectors to Entuity servers as its license permits, and deploy additional servers to seamlessly handle large volumes of collection or when traffic must be localized geographically. Gain complete visibility of which flow collectors are assigned to which server or servers, and of the 设备s associated with each collector, all without administrative burden.

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Your Flow Data, Your Way

  • Flow Data Dashlet​

    The Flow Data dashlet displays flow data in chart and table form for the selected View, 设备, VM platform or port.

  • Flow-Enabled Devices

    The Flow-Enabled Devices dashlet lists the 设备s or 港口 on the selected managed object that are enabled for flow. Use this dashlet to start or stop flow collection on a selected 设备.

  • Flow Summary

    The Flow Summary dashlet displays a summary of flow data for the selected 设备. Use this dashlet to start or stop flow collection on the selected 设备.

  • Flow TopN Summary

    The Flow TopN Summary dashlet displays topN information for flow-enabled 设备s.

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Integrated Flow Analyzer Premium

Entuity network management software brings together all aspects of flow management – information on network congestion, applications consuming high bandwidth percentages, the destination of network traffic – as part of your wider enterprise network management, monitoring and analytics software.

  • Remote Server Flow Collection: Network Flow collection is consolidated into a simple process – collect flow from a local collector, and manage collection from remote servers.
  • Real-Time Granularity: Real-time visibility into top conversations, so you can identify 主机 with suspiciously high numbers of active conversations with granularity of 1 minute.
  • Adjustable Data Retention: Retain your data for more than just a month. Store years of rolled-up data, dependent only on memory size and get detailed re港口 down to a granularity of one minute.
  • Custom Data Analysis: View flow data in the way that best suits you, with combinations of eleven breakdowns: conversations, 接口, applications, 港口, 主机, 听众, 语言, 协议, QoS类, DSCP classes, IP precedence classes.
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